Dress code debate

Dress code debate

What’s appropriate and what’s not at PHS

By Kellie Corbett

eSomethin Staff

As the weather is starting to warm up ,we are seeing Perrysburg students changing their clothing style. There is often problems with girls wearing things more revealing. These shorter shorts and skimpy shirts can often violate Perrysburg High School’s dress code.

“I think our dress code makes sense, but there are some spotty parts to it,” senior Adam Chen said.

Dress Code Demo

Example of appropriate dress, according to the PHS handbook.

While we head into the summer months, the school is often hot. Many girls wear the shorter shorts simply because that is what is comfortable for the temperature.

“Of course it should be within bounds,” junior Kristen Harvey said. “But I don’t want to feel sweaty and gross during school. It’s distracting.”

According to the student handbook that means it “should be appropriate for a high school educational setting.” Micro mini skirts and short shorts are not permitted along with midriff tops. Shorts should measure at least three inches from the in-seam (inside of the shorts leg seam), according to the handbook.

While there are rules on hats, coats, jewelry, and even slippers in the dress code right now, the clothing is talked about. Inappropriate clothing issues are at the administrators’ discretion, and they can require that T-shirts be worn inside out, discipline action be taken, or parents be contacted to bring alternative clothing.

If parents are unavailable, students will be removed from regular class until appropriate clothes are available, the handbook says.

Some students in our school see a huge problem with the dress code.

“In the classroom revealing clothes don’t really bother me because that is not what I am focusing on,” junior Colin Long said. “But I guess in the hall and stuff I can see where it can be a problem.”

Despite all this, we are still in school and there are certain boundaries that we need to keep in place. Clothing needs to be appropriate for all students, who should find clothing that is comfortable for the hot weather, but not distracting.

“You are not at the beach, or a pool,” said Dave Boyce, assistant principal. “You need to dress appropriately for public school.”

Even though there are some holes in the dress code policy, most students at Perrysburg High School are aware of these boundaries and are following dress code.

“Most students understand what school is about, and dress appropriately,” Mr. Boyce said.

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