Seniors going far and wide

Seniors going far and wide

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Students are locking down their college choice

By Kellie Corbett
eSomethin Staff

As the school year is heading into the fourth quarter, many of our seniors at Perrysburg High School are finalizing college plans.

They are tying up loose ends, deciding which school is best for them and what they will minor in.

Some even have roommates already.

Seeing that Perrysburg is an academically challenging school, and the senior class is full of intelligence and talent, there are students going all over. The majority of students will stay close at Bowling Green State University or the University of Toledo. Or venturing to Ohio State University or the University of Cincinnati.

A lot of students chose this in-state path because they love their home and universities nearby. The cost is much lower, and it allows them to stay close to family.

“I picked UT because it has a really good medical program,” senior Cigdem Kahyaogula said. “And because I love the Burg and I wanted to stay close to home.”

Another small number of Perrysburg seniors will be going out-of-state. Students are going to Michigan, Indiana, Alabama, and even Florida. Some seniors chose out-of-state because they have plans bigger than Ohio can provide.

“I will miss Perrysburg, but I am going after my dreams,” said senior Alyssa Young who will attend the Florida Gulf Coast University in Fort Myers. “It gave me the foundation I need, but I don’t have the opportunities here that I need.”

Others just fell in love with the university.

“I went down there and saw campus. I just fell in love,” said senior Caleb Oedor who plans to attend the University of Alabama. “It will be sad to leave the place I grew up, but it is time to move on to bigger and better things.”

Across the board, students seem to choose the college that is best for them. Places with the best programs and wherever they feel most comfortable. So whether in-state or out of state, we know Perrysburg seniors are ready to do big things.

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