Ohio Arts Day

Ohio Arts Day

By Bailee Brown
eSomethin Staff

State Senator Randy Gardner (R, Bowling Green).

State Sen. Randy Gardner (R, Bowling Green).

Perrysburg High School was chosen as one of eight schools to participate in the Ohio Arts Day. On March 13,  State Sen. Randy Gardner (R, Bowling Green) visited our school to talk art.

He came to “discuss with students the legislative process, the role of citizens in the democratic process, [and] the upcoming Ohio Arts Day.” He also explained how the Ohio Arts Council is funded as part of the Ohio operating budget.

Perrysburg High School students will travel to Columbus on May 13th to speak to legislators and share their love for the arts. The arts aren’t just paintings and drawings, but also theater, music, sculpting, and photography.

The students will represent our school and help convey the school’s love for the arts.

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