Collecting pop tabs

Collecting pop tabs

Marny Mazzarella’s 1st-period class wins competition

IMG_1622By Rachel Brandel
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Over the last couple weeks, students have been bringing tabs from the top of cans into their first-period classes.

The top four classes that brought in the most tabs won the school’s famous cookies from the old-school recipe. The cookies were stopped from being sold after the meal plans for the school changed.

In 2012, student lost their beloved cookies from lunches after new federal guidelines force districts to improve the nutritional value of the food they provide. It was part of a signature issue for First Lady Michelle Obama.

This tournament fundraiser was created by Kevin English and run by the student council to help raise money for the Ronald McDonald House. The school raised a total of 81 pounds.

The classroom that won was Marny Mazzarella’s first-period group. They brought in 13.55 pounds. Second place was given to Chris Stein and David Hunter with a total of 6.25 pounds. Third place went to Scott Buker with a solid six pounds. Third runner-up went to Joy Wagener’s first period with 5.50 pounds.

Mrs. Wagener’s first-period class was in the lead until one of Mrs. Mazzarella’s students, Nina Smith, brought in a huge container of tabs. It put their homeroom in the lead.

“I got the tabs from my uncle,” she said. “He had been saving them up for like two years.”

Another big contributor to the class was Cassidy Dankert, who brought in multiple bags of tabs.

Mrs. Wagener bribed her class by telling them that if they brought in tabs, she would bring in milk to go with the cookies. Mrs. Wagener has a class of all seniors who go right on their phones when announcements come on and she says that the contest “was a cool opportunity to rally the whole class together.”

However, she still lost.

Financially, you receive as much money as whatever your local scrap yard pays for however many pounds of aluminum pop tabs you collect. The average amount is about $1 per pound.

Overall, the pop tab contest was a great way to motivate and bring the whole school together to help out a good cause.

The Ronald McDonald House provides comfort and care to help keep families together, allowing kids to heal and cope better.

If you would like to make a donation to the foundation, please  click this link:

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