OPINION:  Gun rules ‘should be more stern’

OPINION: Gun rules ‘should be more stern’

By Morgan Gnepper
eSomethin Staff 

Gnepper_sigOne night last month, Perrysburg police received several distressed phone calls from resident homes. There were several accounts of hearing gunfire on East Indiana Avenue and Elm Street.

In a police statement, officers rushed to the scene soon after the calls were made, but “could not locate any vehicles or individuals involved in the alleged incident.”

Police said a witness heard cars fleeing the scene. However, no police pursued them. In the report, there were no mentions of descriptions of either the car(s) or person(s) involved with the gunfire.

The accessibility of firearms in this country is nothing short of nerve-wracking. Shootings and suicides nationally have increased.

In a 2014 Pew Research Survey, 63 percent of the adults surveyed answered that they feel safer with a gun in the home. How many of those surveyed have firearms in their places of residence?

According to a questionnaire conducted in 2013 at Ball State University, 79 percent of students are uncomfortable with having guns in the home. The survey also revealed they have no interest in obtaining a firearm permit. While this is nothing to be alarmed about, it is interesting to see how students view the possession of weapons in suburban areas.

handgun_loophole2-620x412Another Pew survey of gun owners conducted in 2013, 48 percent of gun owners claim that they own firearms primarily for protection. Another 32 percent answered that it was for hunting. While it is important to have gun protection laws, citizens still must exercise their Second Amendment right of the right to bear arms.

Amy Farrar, an English teacher at Perrysburg High School, believes that it’s dangerous and possibly reckless to have such weaponry in our small town.

“Parents may not lock them up properly and students can get to them with ease,” she elaborates. “With the suicide rate these days [one in five teens considering it], the risk of students actually taking their lives increases exponentially.”

In the past, Mrs. Farrar has lost many students, reasons varying from driving under the influence to suicide. With a gun possibly available in a bedroom closets, it makes it easier for depressed individuals to take their own lives.

To combat the amount of killings and gun-related suicides, I believe that gun restrictions should be more stern. While a majority of gun owners practice caution and safety, people with reckless tendencies can have a gun permit.

Students are reminded that PHS has several guidance counselors and a school psychologist to go to if they are suffering from depression or suicidal tendencies.

It always helps to talk about your problems and to remember that things usually will get better.

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