Interact Club to help others

Interact Club to help others


This year’s officers of the club.

By Ashlin Smart
eSomethin Staff

There’s a new club sweeping its way into Perrysburg High School.

The Interact Club was set up through the Perrysburg Rotary Club, but is run mainly by students. The club helps others locally and nationally , and doing service projects to make a change. The students all had a say in who was voted as officers, and students also get to chose what services they provide.

Jacob Waller is the president of the new club.

“Interact is a club that strives to make a difference in the world, not only locally but internationally,” he said. “Each semester we focus on one project that will help us achieve this goal.”

Some students took time out of a past meeting to go visit the residents at Kingston, which is a type of assisted living. Others helped a Rotary’s annual silent auction, giving the club money to put towards helping others.

“I joined interact club because it is a club based off of helping others and giving back,” junior Kenzi Moore said. “Also, it was a good way to become more involved in school and the community. I enjoy being involved with a club that can make a difference locally and nationally.”

When asked what his favorite part of interact club is, Jacob easily responds: “I love being able to make a positive impact in the community.”

Though Interact started this year, the club is already doing some amazing things.

“We hope to accomplish a food build that benefits Kids Against Hunger, which we are doing in partnership with Key Club,” Jacob said. Interact Club is also partnering with Key Clubs in Eastwood, Anthony Wayne, and the Maumee Interact Club.

Jacob hopes to keep the club’s momentum rolling.

“We hope to continue on this track and hopefully create our own walk to raise money for different charities,” he said.

If you haven’t joined yet and still want to, there is still time! You can join the club at any time, membership is flexible and fits around your schedule. The club meets every other Tuesday after school in the Media Center, and the next meeting is set for March 10.

There are only five meetings left this year, so come check it out and get involved.

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