Review: iMashup music mixing app

Review: iMashup music mixing app

By Morgan Gnepper
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Ever want to create remixes of songs or mash two together to create a totally new song?

With Apple’s iMashup, you have unlimited possibilities of experimenting with all of your favorite songs.

Developed for iPhone 4th and 5th generations, and all but the first edition iPad models, users are now able to recreate and combine songs with ease without needing special equipment.

At $3.99, the app shows songs’ beats per minute (BPM) alongside them and then shows songs with similar harmony capability.

Created by award-winning Mixed In Key developers, the app allows users to shift the two songs’ volumes, melodies, hihats, and baselines. Apple consumers are also capable of deleting sections of songs, looping to create a ‘repeat’ effect, and change the BMP to speed up or slow down the tempo.

Since its release in fall 2014, the app has received four stars (4.5 including all of their apps.) Currently on version 3.0.1, the creators are constantly editing and updating the app for better usage thanks to feedback by Apple Users.

Several users, while pleased with the app overall, noticed some bugs involving bass modifications and the BPM, saying it alters and distorts the vocals of the tracks. Another problem is that one can’t cut and paste pieces of songs wherever they want in the mix.

IMG_4602For Android users, the closest app to this would be Audio Mashup Pro, available for $1.26 on Google Play. The current version of it has a rating of 3.6 stars.

Once the mashup is finished, users are able to export the creation via M4A or WAV files, capable to be shared on Facebook or sent to your email via a sync through your iTunes account. The company prides itself in the easiness of creating songs, claiming “you can use anywhere, even the line at Starbucks.”

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