Sophomores behind sticky notes

Sophomores behind sticky notes


Sampling of sticky notes posted on lockers on Feb. 13.

Students talk anonymously about the Valentine’s Day surprise

By Bailee Brown
eSomethin Staff

I was walking down the hall and rows and rows of sticky notes passed me by on both sides as I made my way toward my locker.

As I approached mine, I was curious what my note would say. Would it be meaningful? Or would it be lost in the sea of other sticky notes? This was a Perrysburg Valentine’s Day like no other. I knew from the moment I entered the hall on this day of romance, this holiday would be different.

These sticky notes each had a meaning. They each said something special for example, “You are a delight” or “You’re special,” but some merely had smiley faces and others, hearts.

As people walked through the halls they stared in awe at the notes. Pictures were taken, rumors of who may have written them were rising, and an overall sense of mystery was afoot.

So as the morning progressed, nobody came forward as the “Cupid”. They seemed to want to remain anonymous.

Making acts of kindness anonymous such as this makes it a more special event. Often people who perform these deeds want to be recognized and praised for their work, but not this group.  After the list of “do-gooders” had been whittled down, about 10 sophomores were revealed. They stayed after school on Feb.  12 and put sticky notes up all over the lockers and doors.

“I did it cause it made me sad to know that not everyone would get something for Valentine’s Day, and I wanted everyone to feel loved,” said the head Cupid who wishes to remain anonymous.

“Most of us wrote the sticky notes, tried to make each one, one-of-a kind [except for a few people], and then we stayed after school Thursday and spent like 2- 2 ½ hours canvassing the school,” said one of Cupid’s helpers.

Most of the recipients were pleased with the sticky notes. However, a few were displeased with their note. “I felt rejected,” said freshman, Nicolas Aleman. “Not even a sticky note cared about me.”

This shows PHS staff and students who felt unloved and alone on Valentine’s Day that they are still cared about. This will hopefully be something that this group of this sophomores will carry throughout their lives, and hopefully others will learn from their kindness.

Hopefully, this group of people will do various other random acts of kindness in the future and hopefully that encourages their peers to do the same.

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