Showfest this Saturday

Showfest this Saturday

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By Ashlin Smart

eSomethin Staff

What is Showfest, you ask?

Showfest is PHS’ talent show where acts are chosen by judges to perform, whether it be singing, dancing, comedy and any other hidden talent students have.

“There’s an audition that happens back in January, where anybody in the school can audition, and create an act,”said choir teacher Nicole Spadafore.

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When: Saturday, February 28th at 7 p.m.
Where: Perrysburg High School Auditorium
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[column size=”1/1″] “[The students] come in and audition for a set of judges. Those judges pick the top acts, who then perform this Saturday, for another set of judges and for prizes this time.”

showfestMiss Spadafore said it’s important because Showfest showcases the talent that we have not only in our music programs, but in the entire school. It gives students the opportunity to show what they can do not only to the school, but community and family members, she said.

So what types of talent can we expect to see? “Lots of vocalists, and our two show choirs will be performing, so singing and dancing,” Miss Spadafore said. “There are dancers, a comedian, a couple of instrumentalists, so a broad range.”

Surprisingly, as choir teacher, Miss Spadafore is looking forward to anything outside of singing.

“I hear singing everyday so it’s really cool to see all the people who I don’t get to see, so the instrumentalists, the dancers, the comedians, the other ones that I look forward too,” she said.

Come out and support your fellow classmates at Showfest this weekend. [/column] [/row]

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