Movie review: Jupiter Ascending

Movie review: Jupiter Ascending

[list icon=”Movie Bio”] Rating: PG-13. Run time: 126 mins. Genre: Action/fantasy/sci-fi. Main stars: Mila Kunis, and Channing Tatum.[/list]


By Nicole Sundermeier
eSomethin Staff


This new age sci-fi movie opens up with Jupiter (Mila Kunis), who hates her life and feels like she was destined in the stars for something greater. When Jupiter gets convinced to sell her eggs in order to get quick money, things start to go awry.

Channing Tatum plays a wolf splice, someone whose DNA was intertwined with a wolf, from space called Caine Wise. Caine, a lone hunter, saves Jupiter and is rewarded for keeping her safe. He leads Jupiter to the Abrasax house, where Jupiter is believed to be the exact genetic replica of the late queen.

In the Abrasax house, each child was willed a planet by their mother. However, mother dearest never willed away Earth, the most excellent.

So when it is discovered that Jupiter has control over earth (because she is the reincarnation of the mother) a fight between the siblings occurs.

The movie seemed too busy.

In one of the scenes, the aliens are chasing people: Caine is shooting his friend (which is questioning), and Jupiter is being followed by bees. So in that one scene there are three big events happening that should have received more focus individually. When the action scenes started, there were too much CGI sequences involved. The plot line is very choppy and moves quickly.

The speed at which Jupiter is accepting her newly found royal status and love for Caine is far too fast. The viewer can clearly tell scenes were cut to limit time.

Also, the main plot line seemed to follow that of Star Wars. You have your main troubled-male character, the pretty damsel in distress, a main evil, and power-hungry character. The way the ships move across the movie screen resembles Attack of the Clones and the spaceship battles are much like Revenge of the Sith.

The movie had a really great chance to be successful but they sadly missed the mark.

Overall, this movie gets a C- due to a busy plot line that is similar to Star Wars.


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