Inside Camp Michindoh

Inside Camp Michindoh


A group of PHS camp counselors last week at Camp Michindoh in Michigan.

By Peter Atkins

eSomethin Staff

Senior Nick Hummer typically has a tough time waking up and getting to school on time at 9 a.m. for second period. He is a fortunate senior who has the gift of late arrival.

Last week, Hummer had to wake up even earlier, and then get a dozen 11-year-old boys ready for camp. It was not an easy experience.

There were 16 Perrysburg High School students, 14 seniors and two juniors, that went to Camp Michindoh in Hillsdale, Mich., to be cabin leaders for sixth-grade camp. Camp for the Perrysburg Junior High School students was originally scheduled to have two-thirds of the sixth-grade class go for the first week, with the other third to go the following week.

Unfortunately, heavy snowfall on the Sunday leading into Monday postponed the first week of Camp Michindoh until March. The next week students braved bitter cold temperatures to have an exciting – yet stressful – time.

When asked if being a cabin leader was worth it, Hummer responded with an exuberant “for sure!”

“It was quite hectic controlling 12, 11-year-old boys by yourself,” he said, emphasizing it was not an easy week.

“In the morning, I would wake them up and get them ready and showered,” he said. “I would leave the cabin with them behind me and go to flags, and then go off to breakfast.”

Following breakfast, cabins along with another cabin called a “Traveling Tribe” would go off and do camp activities, either in a one or two-hour block. Activities included rock climbing, mammal study, outdoor living skills and a pioneer craft fair.

“It was a pretty fun experience I’m not going to lie,” Hummer said about his week at Camp Michindoh. “Overall, it was pretty cool.”

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