New choir at PHS

New choir at PHS

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Chamber singers Michael Luce, Erica Fastnacht, Colby Buzzel, and Faith Best

By Claire Newberg
eSomethin Staff

The PHS choirs have been performing at school events and community activities for countless years, but did you know that they have added a new choir?

Chamber Singers just started for students that enjoy singing a Capella-type music.

“It’s our most elite concert choir,” said choir teacher Nicole Spadafore. “They perform music that you would probably see a college choir singing.”

PHS created this choir to challenge the students that enjoy singing high-level music. It was created to expand the program while the district is expanding. As well as interest increasing, Perrysburg does not have any other choir like this.

“There are fewer of them because it’s harder to get in there,” Ms. Spadafore said.

This group of 18 students sings music ranging from pop to classical in four-part harmonies everyday in class.

This choir requires students to take at least one year of choir before joining. If you like singing and a challenge, this choir is for you. Auditions start the week of Feb. 17.

As registration comes up, you should think about joining choir next year.


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