Twitter account stands up for students

Twitter account stands up for students

image1 (1)By Kellie Corbett
eSomethin Staff

Last Wednesday night, the Perrysburg Twitter-sphere went up in flames.

It all started when many kids received a follow from Pburg Roast. This account was dedicated to spreading nasty and inappropriate tweets about fellow Perrysburg students.

As the name shows, it was “roasting” Perrysburg kids. Or in more mature terms, this account was used for cyber bullying.

Reactions from the student body started pouring in as soon at the first roast was typed. Thinking this account was harmless, some students laughed at the tweets and favorited them in support. Other students were outraged by the blatant cyber bullying.

“The thought of one of our very own students who went out of their way to deliberately hurt other students is heart breaking, ” senior Sophia Franck said.

The outraged students worked together to get the account banned. One student, who is still anonymous, decided to counteract this account. The counteraction was an account called Pburg Compliments (

The Pburg Compliments account was dedicated to spreading positive compliments to the Perrysburg student body. The students were told to direct-message compliments to the account and they would post them.

So far, the account has 278 compliments dedicated to various students.

“I think it’s a cool way to spread positivity,” said David Watson, a senior.

Also an anonymous Perrysburg student said, “It has been such a rough past three weeks for me and especially hard past two months. I can not stress how much this means to me and how wonderful it is for this Twitter account because not enough people see the good in themselves.”

This account proved that the Perrysburg student body’s kindness trumps mean behavior. It has truly made a positive impact on our school.

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