What to do during snow days

What to do during snow days


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By Claire Newberg
eSomethin Staff

With all the snow days we have been having and as you’re hoping for more, it’s time to start thinking of things to do on the days off. Well, never fear. There are many things you can do to keep yourself entertained.

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Catch Up on your Homework

Students always say how much work teachers give them, so use the break to get caught up on homework. Perfect your essays, double check your math homework. You can never be too far ahead in your schoolwork, and if you have no homework, find a book to read.

Catch Up on Sleep

There is no doubt that students do this on snow days. Many students, however, lose track of their sleep schedule by staying up late over break and sleeping until noon on snow days. I will admit that I am a victim of an abnormal sleep schedule.

Catch Up on Exercise

After the holiday season is over, we transition into the exercise season. Although one can’t just go outside and run, there are many other ways to keep yourself healthy through these bitter cold days. Take a short walk outside, go to the Y, have a snowball fight, go sledding. All these are things you could do.

Catch Up On your TV Shows

Almost all students have had a Netflix marathon. Even though this is not the most healthy past time, many students enjoy the relax time they get when they have a day off. There are thousands of movies and TV shows to watch on Netflix, or even on cable, so let the binge watching begin.

Catch Up on you Chores

All these days off gives you plenty of time to clean your room, do the dishes and fold laundry. This might not be students favorite thing to do, but it will sure make their parents are happy.

Students were asked to choose two of these activities they did the most over the snow days.  Half of the votes were for sleep, but many students put down both of their votes for sleep. None of the students said they did chores or homework, but 34 percent of the students said they watched TV.

Ryan Winkleman, a history teacher at PHS, was different than the students. He shoveled the driveway and went sledding with his family.

So next time you have a snow day, I hope you do something productive as well as relax because you deserve it!

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