Butterfly challenge raises $600 for fundraiser

Butterfly challenge raises $600 for fundraiser

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eSomethin Staff

What started as a bet, ended up as a serious fundraiser that raised more than $600.

Coach Bobby completes the 500-yard butterfly challenge.

Coach Bobby Knurek competes the 500-yard butterfly challenge on Jan. 16.

Coach Bobby Knurek from the Perrysburg High School Swim Team bet against Elizabeth Palmer, who is also on the swim team, that if there was not a snow day the day following the bet, he would swim a 500-yard butterfly, which equals to 20 laps.

The next day was a snow day; Coach Knurek lost the bet. He now had to swim a 500 fly sometime in the following weeks.

Thinking about it,  head coach Chuck Salmon suggested to make an event out of it and raise money for Cassie Paige, the daughter of a Perrysburg sports coach whose kidney needs to be transplanted. The money would help in terms of helping the family with financial concerns.

On Friday, Jan. 16, he absolved the challenge and successfully swam a 500 fly. In the end, more than $600 was raised, making the event a true success.

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