As the snow piles up, so does the school work

As the snow piles up, so does the school work

By Rachael Brandel
eSomethin Staff

As the snow falls and the school work adds up, and it can cause your grades to fall, too.

Kenzi Moore , a junior, said the one stressful thing about snow days is “when it is so bad that you can’t do anything but sit inside.”

Ryan Winkleman, one of the history teachers at Perrysburg, said the most annoying or stressful thing about snow days is getting behind on lesson plans, especially in his AP class whom he is trying to prepare for the AP test at the end of the year.

“You feel like a potato,” said junior Jacob Waller. He said snow days make you immobile and trapped inside the house.

Being stuck at home with no way to access your books at school can sometimes be a hassle and prevent you from getting work done. A solution to this could be looking online to see if you can find a copy of your book, or asking friends if you could borrow their books.

If you have questions you need to ask your teacher, but you can’t go to their room because school was closed, there are solutions. You could email them your question and hope for a response. If your school uses Schoology, message them on Schoology. Some teachers also give their numbers out, and if your teacher is one of those people, you could text them your question.

Missing school always means missing work in class, and sometimes deadlines for projects and presentations. If you’re like me, you don’t always manage your time wisely and wait until last minute to complete things.  In this case, you can always ask for an extension on your deadline or a compromise with your teacher.

Snow days are something that usually don’t happen too often, and should be used as a day of rest and relaxation. It can also be used as a day to catch up on school. Either way, snow days should be a positive, not a negative. So, use your day off to sleep in and be stress free.

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