MLK Day more than a day off

MLK Day more than a day off

eSomethin editorial

Fifty two years ago, he had a dream.

On Aug. 28th, 1963, Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr., stepped to a microphone and gave one of the most famous and most quoted speeches in American history — the “I Have a Dream” speech.

A little more than four years later he was gunned down.

On Monday, students around the country will have the day off from school to remember the life and legacy of Dr. King.  But how many of them actually do?

Today’s society looks a lot different than it did in the late 1960s.  Teenagers and college students seem to be more accepting than their parent’s generation.  They study abroad, watch shows like Modern Family, and they work together to stop bullying.  This year’s high school grads grew up with an African-American president, and may vote for the first woman to hold the job.  It’s fair to say we’ve made progress since 1960.

But we can’t be satisfied.  Treyvon Martin, Michael Brown, Michael Garner.  #wecantbreathe.  #policelivesmatter.  America is still very sensitive to racial issues.  The emotions and debate run far deeper than being “pro-cop” or “anti-racism.”

We are closer to Dr. King’s dream in 2015, but we still have a way to go.

My point is to do Somethin on MLK day.  Read an MLK speech — or even just an excerpt.  Find an MLK event in Pburg or Toledo.  Look up some MLK quotes and tweet them.  Watch a documentary.  Small steps can provoke major changes.  Why not take some time to reflect?

After all, you have the whole day off.

What do you think?
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