eSomethin keeps growing

eSomethin keeps growing

Newspapers aren’t what they used to be.

All over the country, newspapers and magazines are moving toward the production of more online content and less print content, a move the PHS Somethin’ made three years ago.

The eSomethin, the online version of the school newspaper, has had some ups and downs.

First, it had a fairly steady stream of content, which then slowed to a small trickle when its staff was reduced to two reporters. Now, the eSomethin is back in the swing of things, having merged with the Cellar to form a multimedia super-group.

Having made this move to the digital side, the eSomethin saw a severe drop in readership. Over the past few years, eSomethin has slowly gained a slightly larger following, especially with the development of the @eSomethin twitter page. The traffic from Twitter has significantly helped eSomethin pull in more readers.

The website now gets about 40-80 views a day, but is it actually a successful school newspaper?

“eSomethin has made tremendous progress in the last year. We’ve been able to put out a lot of content of high quality” said Cellar and eSomethin teacher Tim Kitson. “We’ve continued learning about the process. In six months to a year, it will be bigger and better than ever.”

Mr. Kitson, having taken over the online newspaper this year, is determined to keep up the steady stream of content that has become a key component to eSomethin’s success. He hopes that over the next year or so, eSomethin can increase its traffic and popularity to match the readership of the printed Somethin.

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