Taking a look at the Winter One Acts

Taking a look at the Winter One Acts

By Nicole Sundermeier
eSomethin Staff

Last year's rehearsal of Winter One Act

Last year’s rehearsal of Winter One Acts

With auditions wrapped up for the Winter One Acts this year, let’s check out the three plays.

Campsite Chaos: A Frantically Romantic Love Story, To Absent Friend, and The Express Line are the three plays that will be performed the last few weeks of January moving into February. The Winter One Acts are three shorter plays where the audience is set up on stage.

Campsite Chaos: A Frantically Romantic Love Story is about a girl named Zoe, who thinks a romantic weekend alone with her boyfriend, Perry, will make him finally pop the question. But this is impossible to do when some unexpected guests show up. Zoe just wants the crazy of this camp trip ends so she will be engaged.

The Absent Friend is about senior Eric Nilsson, who is a patient in the hospital, and one night his closest friends sneak in to see him. The friends do little to lift Eric’s spirits. When the friends start talking about drinking before the car accident, Eric starts to wonder why he was the only one that survived.

The Express Line takes place in a supermarket with a customer that has two too many items for the express line. The cashier, Maybel, will not stand for the changing of store policy. When the manager steps in to handle the situation but things end up going south. Maybel and the other cashiers start to gain up on the manager.

The Winter One Acts are a very different type show experience for the audience. The actors are right in front of the audience. The way the stage is step up is right on the stage. There are three sections of seating for the show. Those three sections and the curtain are the outline for the stage. The One Acts are a very intimate and personal show. Occasionally the actors actually interact with the audience.

The Winter One Acts usually have a serious show, a comedy show, and a more realistic show. All three of the one act plays make up The Winter One Acts.

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