5 steps to help with exams

5 steps to help with exams

By Kellie Corbett
eSomething Staff

Exams may seem an eternity away, but they are actually coming much sooner than we all expected.

Helpful-TipsThis year’s first semester exams are December 17, 18, and 19. That is about a month sooner than before.For students, exams bring a whole new element of stress into our lives. We are expected to know every piece of information taught throughout the semester.

The tests also have a huge impact on our success in the class, being worth 20 percent of our final grade. While doing well on exams is essential, it can be a huge amount of pressure for students to bear.

If exam time easily stresses you out here are some tips to succeed:

Make sure you have all your notes and make sure you know what is on the exam. Go through your study guides and figure out what you do and do not know. This is going to be extremely helpful when you start to study for your exams.

There is no way you can remember many months worth of information. Studying will help refresh everything in your mind, and will guarantee your success.

3.) ASK
If you don’t understand something or you are not clear on what exactly is going to be on the exam then ask! Your teachers want you to ask. This will lower your stress and improve your scores.

Do anything and everything you need to be ready for the exam. Sleep well the night before and eat a healthy breakfast. Also, you should dress comfortable. This will help you to focus. Most importantly, make sure you have a pencil and eraser handy. With all this preparation you will be set the morning of the exam.

Exams are extremely important, but they are still just tests. They can not measure important life skills or awesome personality traits. The grade you get is simply a number. If you keep your cool before and during the test it will actually help you do better.

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