Perrysburg pride on full display

eSomethin Staff

Perrysburg High School beamed with pride Friday as students enter the commons. Students and staff worked late Thursday to cover the entryway with Perrysburg signs and decor.

“It took a village, and it looks great,” said Caitlin Evans, faculty adviser for the Pride Club. “I am truly amazed at how many students and teachers stayed after school to lend a hand.”

Mariette Friedrich, a junior, volunteered make signs with her friends even though she’s not directly involved with Pride Club.

“The commons looks amazing,” she said. “It’s really nice with all the balloons. I love school and it’s fun to make it look as pretty as possible. I’m excited to go to the game.”

Kaleb Schetter, a member of the varsity team, tried to play off the hype about the game.

“Nah, we’re not excited,” he joked. “It’s only two undefeated teams in the playoffs. No big deal.”

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