Show school spirit in the right way

Show school spirit in the right way

Jacket Pride signs and decorations are all over PHS.  PHOTO Sophia Franck

Jacket Pride signs and decorations are all over PHS.

By Katie Pach
eSomethin Staff

Perrysburg High School is a pretty spirited school, something we proved during last week’s twitter battle with Massillon. Our spirit was through the roof, but when does school spirit become too much?

Commentary_With_LinesLast week Massillon showed us the best and worst parts of our team pride. While most kids both in Massillon and Perrysburg were just pumped up about the game, some were more interested in starting drama on twitter. Unless you were living under a rock on Friday, you probably heard something about it.

Shots were fired from both sides, most of them coming from only a few kids.

Massillon started out after the Maul Maumee, attacking our student section and our supposed lack of reputation. Our response, of course, was to do some research and go after their academics. Many a whispered “yeah, their graduation rate is like 60%” could be heard throughout the halls.

By the end of the game, even the Massillon Proud twitter account was complimenting us. We had clearly played a better game, but the question was not the skill of our team. The question was: is there a point where school spirit goes too far?

Although we may not have started the “twitter battle” with Massillon,  we still participated in it. By taking part in all of the drama, we helped it grow and become even uglier than it was when it began.

This week’s game against Nordonia hasn’t brought about anything close to the online bloodbath of last week, but it has brought about something great. When you walk into school on Friday,  take a look at the commons. Pride Club,  Student Council,  and The Cellar have all taken part in making the biggest show of Jacket pride PHS has ever seen.

Jacket pride is awesome, and as long as we keep it positively focused on our own school, it can really bring together the entire student body. When we start tearing down other schools,  it’s no longer about our team, our school, or Jacket Country at all. So keep up the JACKETS PRIDE, PHS.

Let’s cheer on all the guys on the football team this Friday as they take on Nordonia High School in Sandusky. Make everyone at Nordonia wish they were a Jacket.

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