Conservative student group at PHS

Conservative student group at PHS

Club adviser Roger Frank

Club advisor Roger Frank

By Andrew Atkins
eSomethin Staff

Do you have Conservative values? If you don’t, that’s okay, and if you do I know a group of old-fashioned, down-to-Earth students with a club who do.  From gay rights to gun control, the Young Americans for Freedom cover it all.

The Young Americans for Freedom of Perrysburg High School was founded two years ago with the idea of getting strongly conservative students more politically involved.

The members believe in traditional American values, individual freedom, and support candidates such as the Kentucky-born Rand Paul.

At the typical meetings the members discuss their own opinions on political issues across the United States. They use sources like Fox News and the Huffington Post to stay informed about current events.

“It is always a fun way to meet new students that share the same philosophy and conservatism as yourself,” said Roger Frank, club adviser.

Zach McKenna, club president, also added that “it’s always a fun environment for strong, right-wing minded people.”

Ronald Reagan, past President of the United States and a champion of conservatism, once said, “freedom is the right to question and change the established way of doing things.”  That quote encompass’s everything this club is about. Freedom and a small government, and the right to speak about those views.

If you want to speak that right, the Young Americans for Freedom is the Club for you.

updated 12/4/14

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