Students should show pride during Spirit Week

Students should show pride during Spirit Week

By Katie Pach
eSomethin Staff

It’s the most wonderful time of the year.IMG_1261.jpg

That’s right, it is Maul Maumee Week. This is the week when we turn our school spirit to eleven and show just how creative we can be.

Commentary_With_Lines“Spirit week is awesome,” said Spanish teacher Tricia Cavins. “It brings everybody together and makes us realize how good we have it at Perrysburg High School.”

The first few days of spirit week include ‘Blast from the Past’ dress up day, and ‘Tourist Day.’ It is a time we can be goofy and show off our Yellow Jackets spirit.

Even though the themes this week have been fun, spirit so far hasn’t been what we’ve seen before.

Sophomore Ethan Nagy has even been a little disappointed. He thinks either the themes need to get better, or we need to start awarding those students who go above and beyond to show off their school pride.

Judging by the number of underclassmen who participated in tourist day on Monday, he may be right. Not as many people are participating in the spirit days this year, mainly underclassmen.

However, there are those of us who are still going strong.

Keep up the spirit, everyone GO JACKETS!!

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