iPhone vs. Samsung

iPhone vs. Samsung

Samsung Alpha

Samsung Alpha

By Callie Broderick

Which do you prefer Apple or Samsung?

I can tell you why more people prefer Samsung Galaxies over the Apple iPhone. Galaxy users claim it is easier to use, easier set up and less complex than the iPhone. Galaxy is run through Google which is easier for most people because it is just a user-friendly app.

When it comes to the iPhone there is iCloud, the apple store, and iTunes. To Samsung users that have switched over to Apple they can’t stand how difficult it is to set up an iPhone and eventually switch back to Samsung.

The iPhone always has updates that either delete most of your personal items or it works perfectly fine and now you have to learn a whole new update.

Commentary_With_LinesWhen it comes to Samsung there is never a software update which is perfectly fine for most Samsung users. Samsung only has app updates which are optional so you can either stick to what you know and enjoy or explore new options.

As a Samsung user myself, I 100 percent think the battery life is way better than an Apple iPhone.

My mother has an iPhone and her battery life is very short and she is  always having to put her phone in battery saving mode because a single phone call can drain your battery life. Battery life is also very important for a typical high school student because everywhere you turn you see students nose-deep in their phones, and when the battery is low they have to reduce the usage, which some students get very frustrated about.

Samsung also believes they are being mimicked because they recently put out an ad describing how the Android began as one of a kind. I believe that they think that because the Galaxy phone is a pretty large size and the iPhone recently made the iPhone 6 ,and iPhone 6 plus, which is 5.5 inches.

It is all a personal preference, but it is a no-brainer that Samsung is very great quality.

What do you think?
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