Harrison Rally Day a great Perrysburg tradition

Harrison Rally Day a great Perrysburg tradition

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Perrysburg hosts a yearly festival in mid-September and this year marked the 25th annual of Harrison Rally Day.

This festival’s purpose is to tie the community together in the town’s downtown. The day starts off with parade filled with church groups, local band and orchestras, and others from the community. After the parade the people can walk up and down Louisiana Avenue seeing booths from artists, businesses, and other organizations in town .

Kristine Harvey, a student at Perrysburg High School, said that our community seems more tightly knit than Findlay (where she previously went to school there). It’s so cool that people can come into Perrysburg and notice how great our community is.

There was a rough estimate of about 10,000 people at this year’s Harrison Rally Day.

The booths that fill the streets of downtown have candy, homemade trinkets, and other fun crafts. One special booth that was enjoyed by my family, was a glass painting booth. They painted flowers, trees, and painted lines. They had wine glasses, regular cups and large glasses.

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