Supporting the breathalyzing policy

Supporting the breathalyzing policy

By Ryan McConnell

Commentary_With_LinesCommunity members have expressed concern over the new breathalyzing policy being implemented by Perrysburg High School. Several include the potential violation of rights.

However, in the case New Jersey v T.L.O,  the Supreme Court ruled that schools are permitted to impose certain restrictions on students that would be unconstitutional if the students were adults.

Also, there remains the simple fact that all students at Perrysburg High School are under the legal drinking age, so none of them should be consuming alcohol in the first place. This, in addition to the fact that the breathalyzer test takes less than a minute and is not a drain on capital, does not leave viable arguments against the policy.

Most students are either in favor of the policy or have no preference.

The majority of students at Perrysburg feel have no issue with taking a breathalyzer test before being admitted to football games. It doesn’t slow students from getting into the game either. Perrysburg students must go through a side entrance, they actually bypass the majority of the crowds that plague the main gate at every game.

Overall, the breathalyzing policy is cost effective and helps deter underage drinking. There are practically no significant flaws and there are a multitude of positive results.

Therefore, the breathalyzing policy should be continued.


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