Affording prom without ending up broke

Affording prom without ending up broke

Good deals for prom dresses can be found at thrift shops.

Good deals for prom dresses can be found at thrift shops.

By Morgan Gnepper

Prom is this week and if you haven’t gotten anything yet, you’re either 1) ridiculously lazy or 2) short on cash. If the latter is true, don’t worry! There are plenty of ways to get exactly what you want and look amazing.


MAG ThriftProm19p1) Second Hand
It’s not the go to choice, but don’t feel put down about going to a trade in store for a prom dress. Try Plato’s in Perrysburg or Toledo for inexpensive, lightly worn dresses for half the price (sometimes even less). If you are not satisfied with one store, try searching on Amazon and ordering for quick delivery; have anything you need altered as soon as you receive the dress. *Note: Be careful, because sometimes online shopping will cost as much as in store shopping so. If you don’t want to go and spend any money, try talking around with some of your friends for shoes or dresses you can borrow. More often than not, someone has an older sister with a closet full of dresses someone’s mom was upset about paying way too much for a one time event. Help them get their money’s worth and borrow it for the night.

2) Home Fixes
Instead of going and spending a bunch of money on a Sephora or Shama’s appointment, have friends or family over to help you get that killer look! Most moms know how to do hair (most were married at least once or know how to ace hairstyles after some practice). At least a week before prom, have some friends over to do your hair and makeup the way you want to it for prom. The early practice not only helps you decide whether you want to keep the look, but gives you experience and eliminates last-minute fiascos.


1) Tux
I won’t blame you if you want to go spend $300+ on a tux for the night (some girls have spent $400 for their dresses. It happens). The thing is, that’s a lot of money for something that you’re going to wear for five hours and then lose somewhere on your bedroom floor within the week. Talk around to find out some sales (Men’s Warehouse hint hint) and go rent your tuxedo for the night. Make sure to consult your date beforehand to figure out the color scheme. Even better, ask friends to borrow a tux from a brother or someone you know.

Stick Together: Save a ton of money by carpooling to and from prom with your group, eliminating gas. Maybe try to convince your dad to let you borrow the Jaguar for the night to impress your date. If you’re worried about keeping track of the carpool group, make sure to set up a place to meet every so often or at the end of after prom to go home and crash. Make sure all parents are aware and agree to their kids being driven around by other teens at 3 am! (Duh.)

MAG ThriftProm19pShoes:
If none of your shoes match the scheme you pick, try stores such as Charlotte Russe, Forever 21, (the former two are for girls’ choices)  Kohl’s, Plato’s or low price shoes of this style. Keep in mind: are you really going to wear those red sequined pumps with the black bow on the ankle any other time? (No. Just buy those cute red stilettos for $25).

Try going to Kroger and ordering matching flower arrangements for your date. If you forget until the last second, you may (heavy emphasizing the may) be able to pick one up the morning of the big day. If you place an order, you can also pick it up later in the week on the day of prom. Usually range from $8-$16. If you go to Ken’s and show your school ID, you’ll get a 10% discount on it.

These tips should help you save some money for prom and still help you have an amazing night with your date and friends. Make sure to go to after prom and have an awesome time with all the activities provided!

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