OGT week tough on sophomores and teachers

OGT week tough on sophomores and teachers

By Katie Pach
eSomethin.com Staff Writer

Well it’s that time of year again.

The long-awaited break from the monotony of the school year. ogt_pencilNo, it’s not quite Spring Break (Almost. Just hold on for a couple more weeks). It’s OGT (Ohio Graduation Tests) Week. A week of sleeping late with shortened class periods, unless of course you happen to be a sophomore.

The sophomores are the only ones who are taking the dreaded OGT this week, and the freshman are once again stuck with two days of PLAN testing. But for upperclassmen, this is a pretty easy week. Since the underclassmen are taking tests every day, upperclassmen get a two-hour delay, and the shortened schedule that follows–every day.

For teachers, next week is not quite the same cause for celebration. While it is helpful for teachers to get information on their students’ performance, the schedule change can hinder their classes far more than it can help.

“It’s hard for students to get into a rhythm with the schedule change, and the two-hour delays and all of the snow days,” said Tim Kitson, English and Cellar teacher.

For Mr. Kitson and several other teachers, OGT week makes it very difficult to get through material. The shortened schedule makes it difficult to start anything that may take too long, and lessons often need to span several days.

Hopefully we all make it through the week with our grades and sanity intact. Good luck sophomores, we’re all rooting for you.

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