We should have standards for snow days

We should have standards for snow days

By Ashlin Smart

In Ohio, there is no certain factor that determines school delays and closings.

Delays and closings are determined by school superintendents, based upon what they believe is safe and unsafe. Though some superintendents are liberal at making these calls, others are conservative.Commentary_With_Lines

Weather in northwest Ohio is unpredictable.

I believe that there should be certain factors to determine if school should close. For example, if it is snowing out and there is only a few inches when it starts, schools should delay.

If the snow goes above six inches, then schools should close. If the snow is under six inches schools should go as scheduled. But if there is ice involved, I believe that the superintendent should make their own call, depending on how icy the roads are.

This could benefit teachers because when it snows, teachers have to make two lesson plans one for a normal school day, one for a delay day, and a plan for if we don’t have school.

What do you think?
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