Snow days making it tough to prepare for AP tests

Snow days making it tough to prepare for AP tests

By Katie Pach Staff

Snow days are normally cause for celebration, a welcomed break from the stress of the school week.

Katie Pach

Katie Pach

At this point in the year, after missing well more than our five “calamity” days, both teachers and students are getting a bit bored with the constant closings and delays. Having missed so many days, it’s been tough for students to make up all the work they have missed.

Since we haven’t been in school very much these past two months, it’s been a bit of a grueling process trying to get through classwork. Inconsistent class scheduling has made getting through even a single chapter quite the ordeal.

This is especially true for AP classes.

The Advanced Placement tests, held in May, can help students earn college credits for classes in high school. Whether or not the student receives credit is dependent upon their AP test scores. Unfortunately, these tests are held on the same day, regardless of school cancellations.

AP teachers, such as Chris Lake (AP Government) and Dean Ferguson (AP U. S. History), are already feeling this time crunch. With the clock ticking on the AP test date, they are starting to cut what they can from their class schedules. Both are hoping that this time limit will not adversely affect their student’s scores on the AP tests.

Mr. Lake explained that this situation is definitely not ideal, but he said it just means that students will need to do more studying on their own to prepare for the test.

So crack open those practice books, cross your fingers, and hope that the Blizzard of 2014 is behind us.

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