Matthew Thomas Siegel: From ‘Californication’ to ‘The Beak’

By Marissa Amstutz Staff

This is Matthew Thomas Siegel, a second-year teacher of Government and Contemporary Issues in America.

ReportingTeachingMr. Siegel’s interests and hobbies include politics, basketball and CrossFit.


Matthew Thomas Siegel

He is a graduate of the Ohio State University, and would like to include the statement, “O-H-I-O!” in this profile.

If he could be any animal it would be a “liger because you get the best of the lion and the tiger,” he said.

Mr. Siegel is one of three siblings, but currently lives in an apartment with his cat Oliver.

Californication is one of his favorite television shows.

He favors the Virgin Islands over any other vacation spot.

When asked what his favorite holiday is, he said: “My birthday because I’m awesome.” The most important thing in this 27 year olds life is his family.

Mr. Siegel would change his nose if he could change one thing about himself. He called it “The Beak”.

He helps coach the high school basketball team. One interesting fact about Mr. Siegel is that he chews fruit-flavored gum to counteract his coffee breath — and he chews while drinking coffee.

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