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There’s finally a bit of snow on the ground, so it’s time for your Fashion by Fiona Guide to Boots.

In the winter months, nobody wants their toes frozen, so wearing boots is a comfortable but fashionable alternative to flats and sneakers.

The first kind of boot that is in this season is the riding boot. In black and all shades of brown, riding boots can pull an outfit together. Try wearing brown riding boots with black leggings, a chambray shirt, and a colorful tank top, or with leggings and a large sweater. You can also wear riding boots with your favorite T-shirt and jeans, or a dress or skirt.

Riding boots

Riding boots

Riding boots go with any style, almost any outfit, and they are one of the biggest fashion trends of the season.

Ankle boots can also be a good fashion choice for your outfits. With or without a heel, and in many different styles, you can wear them with almost any outfit as well.

As long as your pants are relatively ankle fitting, or you’re wearing a skirt or dress, ankle boots will go with your outfit. With all the different types, ankle boots are usually a good substitute for any other shoes you would wear in the
warmer months.

The next type of boots you may want to try is combat boots. They give a more edgy feel to an outfit and they also can be brown or black to match with every outfit. Try them with skinny jeans and an oversized sweater or leggings and a T-shirt. They can also be worn with a dress, skirt, or flowy blouse for a feminine-but-edgy look. Black combat boots
are generally more punk while brown are more versatile, but both can be worn in a variety of ways and styles.

Wrinkle boot

Wrinkle boots

Wrinkle boots are also a good choice. Most are suede and come in every color you can think of, but there are some riding boot-inspired wrinkle boots made of leather. They can be short or long — long wrinkle boots worn like riding boots and short  worn like any other ankle boots.

And don’t forget Uggs. Although everyone seems to think that they are the best kind of boot in the world and should be worn with every single outfit, that is not necessarily true.

Uggs are fashionable when they are worn with skinny jeans tucked in and any top, or leggings and a sweater, but girls, please don’t wear them with a dress or skirt.

Fashion Uggs

Fashion Uggs

The sides of the boots are thick and block-like, which is fine when they are worn with some sort of pants, but when wearing a skirt or dress, stick to more ankle-fitting boots. Leave you pants un-tucked. Uggs are made to have the
pants go inside, that’s why they are so thick.

And I know not every pair of your jeans are skinny jeans, but leaving your pants stuffed over the sides of your Uggs does not look good either. Tuck your pants inside your boots (click here for tips on how to do it without getting awkward bunches) or wear different shoes with your non-skinny jeans.

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