A friend can help you study for exams

Got a problem you can’t solve? Have nowhere to turn? Don’t suf­fer in silence. Ask Miss Nancy and she’ll give you advice, or at least a few sug­ges­tions on what to do. You can reach out to her with or with­out your name by send­ing an email to missnancy@esomethin.com.

Dear Miss Nancy,
I’m worried about my exams. There is so much material that I need to study. What should I do?
Nervous Wreck 93

Dear Nervous Wreck 93,
You should take the material you’re studying and break it down. Start with the subjects you need the most help on and then go  from there. Whenever I study for a test or quiz, I always start with the material I need the most help on. Then, I save the easy material for the end. Ask a friend to help you study. Maybe you two could meet somewhere and help each other study. Try not to worry too much because it never helps anyone in any situation.
Miss Nancy

Dear Miss Nancy,
My two friends are fighting and I’m caught in the middle. I want to help them out. What should I do?
Man in the Middle

Dear Man In The Middle,
I’ve been in those situations before. Try talking to each friend individually. Don’t get too involved or else your friends will think you’re sticking your nose in their private matters. I know how much you want to help your friend but don’t get too involved. They will find a way to work it out. If they’re real friends they can’t stay mad at each other for a long time.
Miss Nancy

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