Freshman life not so scary after all

New batch of Perrysburg students schooled to the 9s


Freshman year can be one of the scariest grades, and yet it’s one of the most important parts of high school. It’s the first step into adulthood and can be stressful.

“Teachers will be mean to you and give you tons of homework.”

“You’ll never find your way around such a large school, and upperclassmen will pick on you.”

These are just some of the things students heading into their freshman year worry about.

Izzy Wideman-Willey

Izzy Wideman-Willey

But now that this year’s current crop of freshmen have a couple of months experience with high school, eSomethin thought it would talk to a few students to find out what ninth grade in really like.

Each student interviewed said high school teachers aren’t what he or she expected.

“I didn’t think the teachers would be so nice or cool,” Izzy Wideman-Willey said.  Agreeing with her, Sarah Kulmatycki, said teachers are not nearly as strict or uptight as she thought they would be.

Sarah Neiswander said that “the teachers just want you to do well.”

Kenney Northcutt

Kenney Northcutt

But not only are the teachers at Perrysburg High School “pretty cool,” so are the students. Kennedy Northcutt said she’s made new friends and so far her “freshmen year is epic.”

Sarah Kulmatycki also said that “at first the upperclassmen are a little intimidating, but then they’re just like any other kid.”

Sarah Kulmatyck

Sarah Kulmatyck

And it’s true. The upperclassmen really are not bothersome, and it’s not awkward.

Another really big worry is the homework load. Surprisingly, a lot of people agree that they don’t get a lot of homework and the classes really are not that hard.

And within a few days, the hallways of the high school are easy to navigate and the schedules are no longer confusing. Even though there are a lot of kids, the block schedule helps to keep everyone out of the hallway at the same time.

So all in all, freshman year isn’t all that bad. One really great thing is the extra freedom. You have a lot more freedom in high school than you did in junior high.

One of the freshman favorites is spirit days. “Freshmen year is really spirited along with the rest of the classes,” says a freshman who asked not to be identified.

Sarah Neiswander

Sarah Neiswander

Sarah Neiswander made a good point saying “Spirit days are awesome because you can dress up and no one cares.” Sarah Kulmatycki also said that it’s fun because everyone participates.

Freshman year really isn’t as bad as everyone thinks. It can be fun and enjoyable. There can be hard times, but as long as you stay on track and study, you’ll get through it.

“Freshman year is a whole new color in the rainbow of life,” Izzy said.

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