Styling with oversized sweaters


The beginning of December is bringing even colder weather than before and we all need another way to keep warm and fashionable. Plus, with the combination of school getter harder and the mornings getting darker, everyone just wants to be comfortable.

So what do you wear? An oversized sweater will do the trick. There are multiple ways to wear an oversized sweater: With leggings and boots, a scarf or belt, layering multiple sweaters, or even try an oversized sweater to dress down a dress or skirt.

Depending on what you wear it with, you will get a different look. For example, a neon pullover, black leggings and combat boots create an edgier look, and a cream-colored sweater with brown boots and leggings creates a softer look.

When layering over a dress or skirt, be careful you sweater is big enough. If not, you will just look like a sloppy-dressed schoolgirl. You can wear your sweater for all occasions, depending on how you wear it.

So where do you get you sweater? Well that depends on what kind of sweater you want. Many store already sell sweaters that work as long as you get it in a size or two above you normal size.

If you are looking for a more authentic look, try the men’s section. And if you really want that old, soft, floppy sweater you can wear with anything, the men’s section at a used clothing store will be the best option.

The number one thing to remember when getting an oversized sweater is to try it on. You may thing it will fit right but it could just look weird. Go with your gut instinct for determining how a sweater fits you. Look to see if it will shrink too because that will definitely change things.

Another thing you may want to do is bring the rest of the outfit with you to the store so you can make sure it works with the sweater you are buying. It might not work out as well as it does in your mind. Something that looks good on the model probably won’t fit the same way on an average person.

Stay fashionable and stay comfy!

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