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Last week we discussed a new trend in mixing patterns. Well, this week is all about another pattern that will make your style “fade” from old to new — ombré!

Ombré is the fading of one color to another. I could be a light to dark shade of the same color, of one color to a completely different color. Ombré is fun for all seasons and can be worn in an almost endless variety of mediums. Clothes, obviously, can be printed with ombré, along with hair, makeup, nail polish, interior design, the walls of your room, and even designs on food can be ombré.

You’re probably thinking, “clothes sure, but how can hair, makeup and nails be ombré?” Easy! You know that cool-aid hair trend over the summer? Well that can be ombré too! Just make sure that when you’re dying the ends of you hair you don’t just stop in a straight line, you slowly fade it from you actual hair color to the color at the tips. Another easy way to get more natural ombré hair is to lighten the tips of you hair with lemon juice and leave-in conditioner in a spray bottle. Spray the tips of your hair and go out into the sun. This works best in summer, but the sun is still out all year long!

As for makeup, lipstick and eye shadow are great mediums for ombré, because its simple to do, makes a statement, but you don’t have to go out and buy all new everything. For eyes, find three eye shadow colors that can fade into one another. Put the darkest shade closest to your lash line and the lightest near the top. Make sure to blend! You can also reverse this, with the darkest on top and the lightest closest to your eyelashes for a more noticeable pop of color.

For lips, find two colors of lipstick in the same color scheme. Put one on like regular, and the other, it could be darker or lighter, on the very center of you lips wear they come together. Rub you lips together a little to blend the colors together for the true ombré look.

Nails are a little bit more difficult, but this tutorial below explains how to do ombré nails: ombré nails tutorial- at

However amazing ombré may seem, you do have to be careful. Only one thing you wear at a time can be ombré. Don’t abuse the trend! And ombré shouldn’t be confused with tie-die, because although tie-die is fashionable in some things, if it’s used the wrong way it can easily turn elementary.

So now that you know about ombré and how to wear it, try it! It’s simple and fun and it is another easy way to make any outfit a bit more noticeable in the crowd of high school fashionistas.

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