Styling with oversized sweaters

dmurray/ November 30, 2012

By FIONA CONNOLLY COLUMNIST The beginning of December is bringing even colder weather than before and we all need another way to keep warm and fashionable. Plus, with the combination of school getter harder and the mornings getting darker, everyone just wants to be comfortable. So what do you wear? An oversized sweater will do the trick. There are multiple ways to wear an oversized sweater: With leggings and boots, a scarf or belt, layering multiple sweaters, or even try an oversized sweater to dress down a dress or skirt. Depending on what you wear it with, you will get a different look. For example, a neon pullover, black leggings and combat boots create an edgier look, and a cream-colored sweater with brown boots and leggings creates a softer look. When layering over a dress or skirt, be careful you sweater is big enough. If not, you will just look like a sloppy-dressed schoolgirl. You can wear your sweater for all occasions, depending on how you wear it. So where do you get you sweater? Well that depends on what kind of sweater you want. Many store already sell sweaters that work as long as you get it in a size or two above you normal size. If you are looking for a more authentic look, try the men’s section. And if you really want that old, soft, floppy sweater you can…

Dealing with ACT angst and a ‘first real relationship’

dmurray/ November 29, 2012

Got a problem you can’t solve? Have nowhere to turn? Don’t suf­fer in silence. Ask Miss Nancy and she’ll give you advice, or at least a few sug­ges­tions on what to do. You can reach out to her with or with­out your name by send­ing an email to Dear Miss Nancy, I’m stressing out over my ACT scores. I don’t know if I did as well as I wanted to do. What should I do? Stressed by Scores Dear Stressed by Scores, You need to have faith in yourself and be confident. In every type of test, confidence is always key to success. Miss Nancy

Don’t bust the bank to look fashionable

dmurray/ November 23, 2012

By FIONA CONNOLLY COLUMNIST In order to keep up with the latest fashions, you’re going to have to get a lot of new clothes. But that doesn’t mean you have to bust your bank account just to look stylish. There are many ways to keep your closet fresh, without having to spend a ton of money. The first thing to think about is where you get your clothes. Brand name or designer clothes don’t make you any more fashionable, they just make you a silly person.

Advice for someone new to Perrysburg

dmurray/ November 21, 2012

Got a problem you can’t solve? Have nowhere to turn? Don’t suf­fer in silence. Ask Miss Nancy and she’ll give you advice, or at least a few sug­ges­tions on what to do. You can reach out to her with or with­out your name by send­ing an email to Dear Miss Nancy, I’m a pretty shy person when it comes to meeting new people. I’m also really awkward. But I really want to gather up the courage to talk to this really cute guy who is a junior. I’ve never really said much to him, so how do I start conversations in the hallway and on the bus without being too awkward? Confused Freshman Dear Confused Freshman, You should try and say hi to him and show him your personality. Remember, a good impression is a must whenever you meet someone new. Try talking to him about something interesting. A guy is always interested in someone with a good personality.  If you really want to get rid of your shyness, try joining a club or sports team. Dear Miss Nancy, I feel like my boyfriend and I are not connecting, what should I do? Girlfriend No. 1 Dear Girlfriend No. 1, You should always try and  find things that you and your boyfriend have in common. There’s always something, no matter how hard to find it is. Dear Miss Nancy, I…

Kudos to eSomethin staff

kfranck/ November 9, 2012

LETTER TO THE EDITOR Congratulations and thank you on a job well done. I am so happy to see the tradition of the Somethin continue. I look forward to future issues. Gretchen Downs Vice President, Perrysburg Board of Education   Submit a letter to editor


kfranck/ November 12, 2012

Perrysburg girls soccer team captures first-ever state title  COLUMBUS – The Perrysburg girls soccer team became the first girls program from northwest Ohio to win a state title with a 1-0 win over Mason High School on Friday night  at Columbus Crew Stadium. Senior standout forward Maddy Williams scored the only goal and senior goalie Chloe Buehler was phenomenal in net. Williams scored with 15:25 left in the first half on a penalty kick. It was her 48th goal of the season. Buehler then took over and made several diving and leaping saves. She finished with nine stops and faced 25 shots overall. No. 1 ranked Perrysburg (23-0-0) trailed just once all season and outscored its foes 108-5. Unranked Mason (19-2-2) carried the majority of play throughout the game. >>Blade story on post-victory pep rally >>Photo gallery from the title game >>Photo gallery of send-off for players >>Blade story on title game >>Dave Hackenberg’s column on Chloe ‘The Goalie’ 

Frozen Yogurt: The New Cool Thing

kfranck/ November 1, 2012

Lola’s Frozen Yogurt, Yogurt Vi are hot spots for cool treats By KRISTINE HARVEY STAFF WRITER People love to indulge in the sweet taste of ice cream, but it’s so fattening and unhealthy. A new favorite treat that students are starting to enjoy is frozen yogurt, so decided to review two frozen yogurt places in Perrysburg — Lola’s Frozen Yogurt and Yogurt Vi. Lola’s Frozen Yogurt was founded by Lolly Skeldon. It was opened last year in the Shoppes at RiverPlace near Walt Churchill’s Market on Dixie Highway and Eckle Junction Road. The store celebrated its first anniversary last Sunday.

Perrysburg football team ends season with 8-3 record

kfranck/ November 3, 2012

The Perrysburg football team fell to Avon 28-11 Friday night in a Division II state playoff game. Despite the loss, the Yellow Jackets finished the season with an impressive 8-3 overall record, and it was only the second time a Perrysburg football team has played in a state playoff game.  >>Read the Blade’s game story >> Photo gallery from the game  

Girls soccer team to play for state title

kfranck/ November 6, 2012

SANDUSKY – The Perrysburg girls soccer team will play for a state title as the Yellow Jackets upended defending champion Strongsville on Tuesday night. Senior standout forward Maddy Williams scored twice in the first half of a Division I state semifinal. The Yellow Jackets then held on for a 2-0 win before about 750 spectators at Cedar Point Stadium. Perrysburg senior goalie Chloe Buehler was strong throughout. Buehler made eight saves to post the shutout. Williams, who will play at Purdue University, now has 47 goals this season. No. 1 ranked Perrysburg (22-0-0) survived a second half surge by No. 2 Strongsville (19-2-0). The Mustangs outshot the Yellow Jackets eight to six. The Yellow Jackets advance to play Pickerington North or Mason in the state title game Friday at 7 p.m. at Columbus Crew Stadium.

You can be fashionable and warm with layering

kfranck/ November 8, 2012

By FIONA CONNOLLY COLUMNIST Hurricane Sandy is moving in, marking the start of the cold winter weather, so dressing both fashionably and warmly isn’t always that easy. But you don’t have to worry about ruining your look because you need to stay warm. Layering is key for any girl who wants to look good while staying comfortable.