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Musical ‘Little Shop of Horrors’ next month

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The Perrysburg High School Theatre Department will be performing “Little Shop of Horrors” next month. The performances will be Nov. 8-10 at 8 p.m., and Nov. 11 at 2 p.m. at the Perrysburg High School Auditorium. Tickets go on sale to the public on Thurs., Nov. 1 at the Perrysburg High School Box Office from 7-8 p.m. All seats are $12 and reserved. The week of the show (Nov. 5-9) tickets will be sold in the main hallway in front of Guidance before school (7:25 a.m. to 7:55 a.m.) and during lunch periods.

Tuba Cam a hit with Perrysburg Marching Band

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By JOSHUA M. VALERA STAFF WRITER Have you ever wondered what it would be like to perform an adrenaline pumping half-time show? Well Alex Hertzfeld, 17, a junior at Perrysburg High School has made it possible. He used his new GoPro HD Web camera to film the half-time shows of the Jackets marching band at Friday night football games from the view atop his sousaphone — and the Tuba Cam was born. But little did Alex know his Tuba Cam would become more than just a clever idea. His fellow marching band members took to the idea after they saw his first video at an after-game party at Alex’s home. As he played the video they watched in awe and excitement as their hard work unfolded before their eyes.

Costume Day conundrum resolved

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By ALANA MARSH STAFF WRITER This week, students at Perrysburg High School enjoyed the annual Spirit Days wearing pajamas to school, dressing patriotically, and dressing in crazy costumes, but the beloved Costume Day took a bit of fighting for. Although it had previously been announced that Wednesday would be Costume Day, students soon found out the administration was canceling and replacing Costume Day with Hawaiian Day and that students would no longer be permitted to wear costumes to school. “They closed [Costume Day] because of a recent school shooting where someone copied the Colorado theater shooting while in costume”, said Student Counsel Adviser  Kevin English. Upon hearing the news, students were disappointed because Costume Day had become a tradition to look forward to before Halloween. “Besides the day we get to wear togas, costume day is my favorite,” said senior Emily Wyrick.  “It’s fun to see what everyone wears.” In the end, because of student opposition, it was agreed and finally announced that Costume Day would be acceptable as long as students refrained from wearing masks.

Suggestions on dealing with college-application stress

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Got a problem you can’t solve? Have no where to turn? Don’t suffer in silence. Ask Miss Nancy and she’ll give you advice, or at least a few suggestions on what to do. You can reach out to her with or without your name by sending an email to missnancy@esomethin.com. This week she deals with stresses caused by college application deadlines and “cute things” to do to keep a relationship healthy.

Perrysburg girls soccer team No. 2 in nation

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With win over Clay, Jackets play district final Saturday By NIKKI SUNDERMEIER STAFF WRITER All Perrysburg athletic teams strive for greatness, but this year’s girls varsity soccer team reached that goal. They beat every team that they played this season. That’s right, every team that dared to take on the Yellow Jackets, including capturing a 4-0 win over Clay on Tuesday in a Division I district semifinal match. And 13 of those games were shut-outs. Let’s say that again. Thirteen of the 18 games that the Perrysburg H.S. girls’ soccer played resulted in goals on the board for Perrysburg and a big fat 0 for the opposing team. The Jackets have scored at will, posting 83 goals against their opponents, while yielding only five. We at eSomethin.com don’t want to rub it in or pile it on, but facts are facts – teams from Clay, Springfield, Notre Dame, Anthony Wayne, Central Catholic, Findlay, Bowling Green Christian Academy, St. Ursula Academy, Sylvania Southview, Waite, and arch rival Maumee all fielded a team against the Perrysburg girls soccer team and all left the field without a single goal. That’s defense, that’s dominance, that’s why our team is ranked not only second in the state of Ohio, but second in the country in this week’s National Soccer Coaches Association of America poll.

A cut above

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Mohawk haircuts signify one thing —  it’s time to play Maumee By HANNAH WEIKER STAFF WRITER It is not a usual haircut we are used to seeing at Perrysburg High School, but it is popping up everywhere — the mohawk. Football players have traded in their normal haircuts for this new style. Mohawks on football players at the end of a season can only mean one thing, it Maumee time! Getting Mohawks is just one of the many traditions Perrysburg students and football players participate in the week of the Maumee game. But while the outside of their head might not be the same, on the inside they all have the same goal in mind — to beat Maumee. Not all of these Mohawks are the same. They are all different and reflect each player’s personality. Some are spiked up, some reversed, and some with details on the sides. “We have a great team. I am confident that we will win if everyone performs well,” said senior Jimmy Reddick.