Important issue on Nov. 6 ballot

kfranck/ October 18, 2012

By DALLAS STILES STAFF WRITER On Nov. 6, Perrysburg Schools will have a replacement school levy on the ballot. If you are old enough to vote and are registered to vote, this is the ballot issue that will affect you the most. If the levy is approved, school will continue as is with some improvements, but if the levy fails there will be a lot more cuts than just the soup at lunch. “This levy is a replacement levy from the one four years ago. The levy currently collects approximately $7.5 million, or 20 percent of the district’s revenue, annually,” Superintendent Thomas Hosler told “As we move forward we want to benefit students in the most ways we can; through technology, through extracurricular, and through optional courses for students to take,” Hosler said.