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Snow Rituals

Ohio has exceptionally fickle weather patterns. For the students of Perrysburg this means the chances of a school delay or cancellation are unpredictable.

How many “children” can one family have?

Zach Peats and Ryan Huffman surveyed PHS students, asking them how many siblings they have and how many pets their family owns. Is there a correlation? Click to see their findings.

Free choice or social desirability?

Meric Joseph Pope's 'Topics of Interest' survey examines if the more technological options we have in the world, the less free we seem to be in making choices. Check out the findings.

ACT vs. Elementary School

Luke Bakies' survey explores if students at one Perrysburg elementary had better ACT scores than students at the other three schools. Was it Fort Meigs, Frank, Toth or Woodland? Click to see the findings.

Honors classes and sleep

Caroline Mandly's survey examines the relationship between advanced classes and sleep. Are students who take AP/honors classes sleep deprived? Check out Caroline's findings.

Get to Bed!

Erika Joldrichsen conducted a PHS survey to determine the truth about gender and teen sleeping habits. Do high school males get more sleep than high school females, or vice versa? Check out her findings.

The key to success might be in your fingers

Darcy Cavanagh and Jack Xiao conducted a study to see if the length of one's ring finger, compared to their index finger, had any association with a student’s favorite class. Check out their findings in the second installment of Topics of Interest.