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The DREAM is Still Alive: What is DACA?

DACA stands for Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals, meaning that if your parents bring you into this country as a small child, you will not legally be at fault for being undocumented. President Donald Trump plans to repeal this.

PASA Sober Tailgate

Every year they hold a "Sober Tailgate" at the high school's homecoming football game.  

Opinion: Views Differ on What School Offers

Dayna Fuller eSomethin Staff A school day can fluctuate from boring to exciting. A teacher also has a very different view from a student. But have you ever noticed how people walk away from school with more than just knowledge? If not, pay more attention to this. Matthew

Should We Pass on the New Hall Passes?

Mr. Matthew Horen, a History teacher, voiced, “I am totally fine with the pass system because it cuts down on the distraction time for me, I don’t have to hand write a bunch of stuff."  

Frogtown Regatta Goes on Despite Algae

On September 21st, when the Lucas County Health Department issued a recreational public health advisory for the Maumee River, rowers were concerned. Though the water is still safe to drink, the department advises that, “If you have been in contact with water associated with the algal bloom,

Running to Fight Breast Cancer

Race for the Cure draws thousands of runners to support a cure for breast cancer. Zeke Gau, a sophomore at Perrysburg, took 2nd place at this year's race.