The Benefits of Auditioning for the Upcoming School Musical, “Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat”

SophiaWalcher/ January 19, 2018/ News, Sophia Walcher


 by Sophia Walcher eSomethin Staff Almost every student carries headphones at Perrysburg High School. Not only are there many music consumers, but there are many music programs offered at the high school as well, such as band, orchestra, and choir. A great way that Perrysburg utilizes its abundance of musical experience at the high school is through the annual school musical, whose audition dates are steadily approaching. According to an article from the Washington Post, more than 25% of Americans have a fear of speaking in public, which can certainly translate into musical theatre. And while it seems nerve-wracking to perform in front of large audiences, the benefits of musical theatre can far outweigh the nerves that accompany it. Musical theatre is comprised of three sections: singing, acting, and dancing, An article from lists the benefits of each practice. Singing and learning an instrument, like vocal performance, has been proven to develop concentration and memory, along with training the brain in language and reasoning and improving communication and social interaction skills. Acting has the same benefits of better communication and memory, along with giving participants the skills of perspective taking and collaboration with others. Not only can these skills be helpful on the stage, but music and theatre students can take these qualities into the working world

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