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2016-2017 Perrysburg basketball video wrap-up

Imagine four years of hard work toward a single NLL championship on a final senior night. On Friday, the boys basketball team faces the Napoleon Wildcats in what could be the league championship game.

The Post-it Note Mystery

By Caitlin Taylor eSomethin Staff Valentine’s Day is a time to celebrate love and friendship. Students may have noticed walking into school on this year’s endearing holiday that a post-it note inscribed with an uplifting message was placed on their lockers. For the past 3 years, on

The History of the Somethin

The Somethin was established in May of 1922 and became an online newspaper in 2012. The oldest college newspaper was founded in 1799 and the oldest high school paper is from 1881.

How The Jacket Way Can Benefit You

Try your luck with the Jacket Way drawings or cash in on those sweet scratch-offs. The most recent midterm was Friday, February 3, 2017. Here are the lucky students, happy to have won their well-deserved reward.