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Girls soccer team fall in heartbreaker

The Lady Jackets thought they had it in the bag until a Medina score took the momentum. Several of the seniors on the team were on the 2012 state championship team.

Water line fixed

It did cause some hiccups for students and staff. The fall play cast members had to do rehearsal without available drinking water. The problem was resolved three days after the water-main break.

Students make ESPN-like broadcast

Alex Sedlak and Matt Rodriguez did their best last month to make a freshmen volleyball game feel like a big deal. Disguised as broadcasters, the two tried to make it look like ESPN was at the Maumee game.

Unsafe water

A water-line break forced bags to go over drinking fountains. The school is trying to aid students and faculty with free bottled water. The water is expected to be safe again at some point this week, officials said.